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Just around the corner from where I live rests Arthur’s Seat. A historic site that unfortunately is closed down due to safety issues, if you look at the state it is in though I wouldn’t blame them. I have been shooting in Black and White recently because I feel it creates more emotion in your shot. Take a look at what is Arthur’s Seat Watch Tower and visit sometime, they also have a bar and grill restaurant which should entice the younger crowd to get out there, after all Summer is approaching.

You could say that Im chasing the summer, from a sunny California to what should be a┬áscorching Aussie summer I couldn’t be happier. Kennett River is located along the Great Ocean Road tucked away beneath a old rusty bridge which leads out to the big blue (Bass Strait). ┬áTrickling down from the mountains eventually making its was to the ocean, Kennett river is a great spot to go and paddle around in the shallows or, if your bold enough you can take on the surf. Be warned there is no patrolling surf life savers. The River is about 22 km out of Apollo Bay, but dont worry, the 20 minute drive is something to remember, the Great Ocean Road has views that will leave you speechless. These pictures were taking with a cannon T3i or in australian terms 600D, the sun was setting behind the mountains allowing for some clean and crisp shadows, enjoy and look forward to more soon.