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Received as a present from my older brother this Kodak Six 20 as seen its days. He purchased it somewhere in the sticks, I honestly could not remember where it was from. All I know is that this camera was manufactured in 1951 through to 1955, they call it the Six 20 Kodak because funnily enough it holds 620 Kodak Film. This is the second camera of 2 in my collection and I plan on collecting more. I took these photos with a DIY photography booth. The total cost for creating the booth was $18AUS, the only expensive item that you will or dont have to obtain is the lighting setup. You can easily get by with a couple of strong spotlights with your built in flash attached, but I believe its all about even light. Making sure that the highlights are under control and that your object is sufficiently lit up making it seem life like. Its all about controlling the light. My setup consisted of two strobes with soft-boxes attached, allowing me to create an even light source, one lit up the camera from the front and the other from behind, the white board and rebounding light did the rest.

One of these pictures was also submitted into ABC’s new TV series “photo-finish” I would greatly appreciate you support, all you have to do is visit this link and leave a comment on my picture. Its titled “Kodak, no more”

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